PR Tips


My take on what I consider to be top tips for a successful PR career plus the must-go-to industry websites that are filled with useful information including job openings within the beauty and fashion industry.


  1. NO TO JARGON: I’ve read my fair share of jargon and fluff, you wouldn’t believe the releases I have seen translated literally from another language! Yet the whole point of a press release is to communicate a captivating message, in a clear and concise way. Bamboozle a journalist and you run the risk of losing their attention (and mine come to think of it); behold the immediate deleting reflex and more often than not, any hope of press exposure.
  2. NEWSWORTHINESS: When launching a new product/service this is a key factor, if your story is not newsworthy don’t get your coverage hopes up! I’ve had my fair share of “late to the show” products to PR and managing expectations of superiors coming into effect. No matter how many media contacts you know “to call-in coverage favours” (yes this happens A LOT) it can prove a little tricky. Think of other ways of potentially gaining exposure… a fun and quirky mailing for the purpose of social media perhaps?
  3. NETWORK: Although there are hundreds of beauty/fashion brands it is a very incestuously small industry, if you don’t know a particular PR you will probably know of them. A handshake and “chink” of a champagne glass at events is very telling, best behaviour at all times and for goodness sake don’t get drunk… embarrassing moments are NEVER forgotten! I could tell you a few many stories, but I won’t! *wink wink*.

Great industry go-to sites to visit and tools to subscribe to:
Diary Directory: provides industry news, dates and contacts to professionals in the worlds of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, including homes & interiors, food & drink and places & venues. Free sign-up to the daily email plus and industry job vacancies.
Fashion Monitor: a 50,000+ contacts database for creatives, freelancers, journalists and bloggers. Highlighting of partnership opportunities, event planning calendars, industry job announcements and more… plus you can subscription free to daily bulletins on Beauty, Fashion and Fashion Week.
CEW UK: is a not-for-profit professional organisation with members from the beauty industry and related fields. Leading the conversation in beauty, addressing topics that are shaping the future of the industry and provide unparalleled access to industry influencers and thought leaders.
Gorkana: has a whole host of services from helping brands manage media reputation/history, planning of campaigns more accurately, tracking, analysis and engagement with mainstream and social media coverage… and the list goes on!
mmi Analytics: an analytic service providing insight on what is being said about brands in digital, print and social media. Views and analysis on retailer, competitor pricing and promotional strategies – an extremely helpful tool to calculate a brand’s PR and advertising strategy to build its marketing mix.
Influencer Intelligence: fabulous for celebrity focus brands – all the contacts, news, events, Celebrity Profiles, opportunities, endorsement information and industry intelligence you need, frequently updated online and easily searchable